UCSF Sustainability Stories

Gail Lee, December, 2013

50% Refrigerator/Freezer Rebates, Free Pipette Washracks and Get Certified!

The Office of Sustainability is offering 50% Refrigerator/Freezer Rebates and more to the UCSF community.


refrigerator rebate

Do you have an old refrigerator with leaking seals, cycles on too much, or just plain worn out?  If it is more than 10 years old, we can help you replace it.  We’ll offer a 50% rebate on the cost of a replacement refrigerator selected from a list of energy efficient replacement models.  You’ll save 50% or more on your energy usage!  Find out more from this flyer.

Become a certified LivingGreen Office!

The LivingGreen team will come to you to assess your office for LivingGreen Office certification.  If you can’t wait to make an appointment with the team, go to this link to get started. Once you submit the form, the team will come confirm your activities, offer free energy saving devices, recommendations, and return after you’ve had a chance to implement those recommendations.  A final score and certificate will then be rewarded.  We’ll recognize the great work you did and announce your accomplishments publicly!

Now offering a LivingGreen Laboratory certification!

The team can assess your laboratory for the LivingGreen Lab certification!  PLease contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to schedule your site visit today.  No time for a site visit?  Go to this link to find out more.  The process will be the similar to the LivingGreen Office, but more laboratory-focused with FREE energy saving devices such as timers, power strips, ice scrapers and brushes, and rebates!

Get your FREE pipette washrack and save millions of gallons of water!

If your lab is using glass pipettes, the Office of Sustainability will provide stainless steel pipette washrack in exchange for your nalgene rinsing containers. You can save over 456,000 gallons of water per year and over $2050 per faucet! Go to Pipette Washrack Flyer to find out more.

Special offer!  There’s no need to get your lab certified if you use it!

Hurry!  These offers have been extended through March 30, 2014!

Refrigerator rebates and washracks will be prioritized to go to laboratories participating in the LivingGreen Office and Laboratory certification programs.