Recycling & Waste Reduction

What is Recycling?
Recycling is the process of taking already produced items and using their elements: paper, metal, glass, plastic, and aluminum, in order to make other products.
Printable Recycle Flyer
The following can be Recycled at UCSF

  • Aluminum Foil + Cans
  • Cardboard
  • CD’s and Diskettes
  • Milk Jugs
  • Paper (staples + paper clips okay)
  • Pipette Tip Boxes (clean)
  • Plastic + Glass bottles + jars
  • Plastic Tubs + Lids
  • Reagent bottles (dry)
  • Small rigid plastics

Rules to keep in mind:

  • Plastic that retains it’s shape is recyclable.

Single Stream Recycling

At UCSF we follow a Single Stream Recycling program.  This allows you to place ALL recyclable materials into your blue recycle bin.  No need to have a separate bin for bottles and cans.

San Francisco Single Stream Recycling

Exceptional Recyclers

Anyone can become an exceptional recycler!

You can become an exceptional recycler by looking for ways to improve your office or lab waste, recycling, and compost.

We encourage all UCSF faculty, staff and students to learn to sort your waste.

ZW_Recycling Containers

Picture Examples of Recycle Items

Yogurt Cup Bubble Wrap Candy Wrapper Ceramic Cup Chip Bag
Yogurt Cup Bottle Cap Plastic Utensil Plastic Toy Straw
Condiment Packages Condiment Packets Creamer Containers Diaper Face Mask
Storage Container Spray Can Pill Bottle Newspaper Kleenex
Foil Lined Gloves Latex Gown Coffee Cup Sleeve Bottle Plastic
Plastic Cup Plastic Container Plastic Coffee Lid Coffee Sleeve Plastic Bottle
Animal Container Animal Bedding Aluminum Tray Aluminum Foil Aluminum Can
Animal Container Animal Bedding Aluminum Tray Aluminum Foil Aluminum Can