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UCSF needs you to get involved!

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Get Certified!  Your office, lab, clinic/unit or event can get certified and recognized as LivingGreen.  Just request an initial assessment and receive recommendations to boost your score.  Once completed, your office, lab, or event will get certified and recognized for the great work your group has done!  Certificates will be presented at the Annual Sustainability Awards and you’ll be recognized on our website and by your Dean, SVC, EVCP, or MC CEO.

Here are also some individual things you can do:

  • Download BigFix, a power saving feature, on your computer.
    Click HERE if you are working on a MAC.
    Click HERE if you are working on Windows.

  • Use Movi, a free videoconferencing tool instead of traveling.

  • Report observed areas of energy or water waste and other resource inefficiencies to CLS Facilities Services
  • Turn off office lights and computer equipment when not in use.
  • Use a power strip to make it easy to turn off a bank of plugs when you leave the office for the day.
  • Take public transit or shuttles where possible. Use the mobile phone shuttle link
  • Order 100 percent PCW recycled content paper.
  • Set computers/printers to copy and print double-sided.
  • Use electronic documents and store them on Box to eliminate paper storage.
  • If you have to travel, use Connexxus, which is the only way to track GHG emissions from UCSF business travel.

  • Here’s other things you can do.

    Stay Informed!

    information2This section contains the news and resources to inform and engage you to support sustainability activities on campus, at home, and in the community.

    Join our listsrv by going to “email updates” on our home page (halfway down the left column) and entering your name and email address.

    Check out our LivingGreen Team Blog

    Get Inspired!  View a TED Talks video!

    Find the UCSF’s sustainability publications and our first Sustainability Action Plan here:

    UC’s Policy on Sustainable Practices>


    Other Campuses Sustainability News

    Community Events

    Green Festival Annual green festival in San Francisco exhibits green products.
    GreenFaith Learn to lead a green program at your place of worship.