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7 Ways to Find Meaning by Supporting the Earth

Advocate for Change
San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership
Environmental Defense Fund
How to take action on fracking, pollution and chemical policies.
Physicans for Social Responsibility
Physicians for Social Responsibility Climate Change
The Pew Charitable Trust Antibiotic Resistance Project
Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment
US Climate and Health Alliance
Green Science Policy Institute
American Academy of Pediactrics’ Policy statement and Technical Report on Climate Change and Child Health
Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy
The Mesothelioma Center at

Follow the Issues

American College of Physicians released their policy statement on Climate Change April 18, 2016
UCSF faculty writes opinion piece in American Journal of Public Health Antibiotics Overuse in Animal Agriculture:  A Call to Action for Health Care Providers
American Academy of Pediatrics’ Policy Statement and Technical Report on Climate Change and Child Health
The Global Climate and Health Alliance
Climate One
UCSF Committee Opinion on Reproductive Health and the Environment.
“The Shape of Things to Come for California’s Climate and Agriculture.”
Impacts of Climate Change on Children’s Health
UC Carbon Neutrality Summit Resource List
Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture, American Journal of Public Health editorial
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Sustainable Food

Sustainable Food Lab
San Francisco Healthy & Sustainable Food Policy
Roots of Change

Find Green Products

California Safe Cosmetics Searchable Database
Going Green on Campus
Celebrate the Arrival of Flame Retardant-Free Foam
The Green Science Policy Institute estimates that 80 – 100% of a couch’s flame retardants are found in the foam inside removable cushions. The wait for flame retardant-free foam is over! Shops participating in the Safer Sofa Foam Exchange have finished stocking their full line of foam without added flame retardants.  Green Science Policy Institute.
Science and Policy Powerpoint Slides from International Symposium on Flame Retardants in China, Green Science Policy Institute
Avoid six classes of highly fluorinated textile products  Presentation and links prepared by Jennifer Field, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, Oregon State University
The Healthy Building Network Home Depot and the San Francisco Department of the Environment identify options for phasing out plasticizers from flooring. Read about green building materials.
The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance provides clear and concise information about asbestos exposure that I believe would benefit your readers should they ever come in contact with the substance or find it in their homes which can be very harmful.  You can read more about the risk of asbestos exposure and the laws surrounding safety protocol at this site.

Energy Efficiency in the Home

Tips for Going Green at Home. Home Advisor.
7 ways to save water at home. Greener Ideals
Green Resources for your home Expertise - Green Resources
Consumer Reports Best Solar Energy options

Community Outreach & Involvement

Green Festival Annual green festivals exhibit green products.
GreenFaith Lead a green program at your place of worship.

Sustainable Transportation

Green Vehicle Guide: The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a helpful website on green vehicles.
GenZe, the electric Scooter
Green Vehicle Guide: Best vehicles by size class for 2014: North Carolina State University’s NC Clean Energy Technology Center presents their review of the greenest vehicles by size class and fuel technology.
Electric Vehicle Guide: A site from The Sierra Club that presents a short quiz which could help you decide which green vehicle to purchase according to your needs and lifestyle.
UCSF’s Alternative Transportation: includes information on vanpools, carpools, Zimride, Marin Commute Club, Emergency Ride Home, City CarShare, and pretax subsidies through UCSF"s employee benefits program.