Greening the Medical Center

UCSF LivingGreen Clinic/Unit Certification

Show how sustainable you and your colleagues can be. Make your CEO proud during this yearlong competition between the Chancellor’s Executive Committee members.  A LivingGreen Clinic/Unit checklist is provided to determine how many points you get and what level of certification you achieve. A toolkit is also provided to your office to get you started.  You can start with just being certified or go for a bronze, silver, or gold certification.  Toolkits include energy saving equipment, reminder stickers and other helpful items and information. 

Award winners will be featured on the Sustainability Website and be eligible to win the Sustainability Awards each June. 

The LivingGreen Office (LGU) assesses UCSF administrative offices and departments to identify areas where occupants can advance sustainability practices within their respective buildings. LGU takes a grassroots approach by working closely with departmental sustainability champions and Green groups (where they exist or are forming).  The certification process can begin with a simple on-site visit from our Green Campus team or you can opt to complete a relatively simple checklist designed to help department members determine and improve their level of green practices. 

A friendly competition is now being launched between the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Research, the Medical Center and the Finance & Administrative Services.  The Dean, SVC, CEO, or EVCP with the most certifications will be recognized at the annual UCSF awards ceremony where all certificates will be also be presented.