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Project Drawdown Solutions

Project Drawdown is a coalition of scientists, researchers and advisers from all over the world with a goal of providing solutions to reverse global warming. In April 2017, Drawdown released a book of 100 solutions with the potential to do just that.
On this page you will find a new solution each month. We encourage you to apply them to your own life, at work and home, so that we may be able to achieve reversal before it is too late.

March 2018- #3 Reduce Food Waste
One third of food produced does not get eaten. Much of it doesn’t even make it onto the market. By reducing food waste, a minimum of 26.6 gigatons of CO2 could be avoided by 2050, while also reducing deforestation.

February 2018- #73 Green Roofs

Green roofs take advantage of empty roof space for vegetation which act as insulation and sequester carbon. Cool roofs utilize reflection for ‘cooling’. Together, these roofs could reduce 0.8 gigatons of CO2 by 2050.