UCSF Sustainability Stories

Spotlight on UCSF LivingGreen Champions:  Carly Clemence

This series is part of our effort to recognize the hard work of UCSF staff and students in our journey to sustainability.  Thank you for your efforts!  This piece focuses on Carly Clemence, clinical nurse.

Clemence’s contribution to helping UCSF go greener has included consistently educating her coworkers about how to minimize waste. Despite initial resistance, she successfully brought recycling cans to the inpatient rooms at Mt. Zion.  Eden Rivera, supervising nurse, stressed, “With her tenacity, Carly was able to collaborate with hospitality to bring the cans into the patient rooms. She educated staff and patients on what to recycle. Now, the process is much more supported as part of every inpatient unit at Mt. Zion and Parnassus.”

At staff celebrations, Clemence’s unit was accustomed to using disposables. With her persistence, the unit made a commitment to using non-disposable utensils.  “Carly has made a positive impact with our staff regarding recycling and conserving. There have been occasions when I have heard some staff say that Carly’s commitment has influenced them to do better with recycling paper, using less plastics, ride sharing and/or biking to work,” continued Rivera.