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Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, August 2014

UCSF 2014 Commute Survey:  And the Survey Says…

ShuttlesIn the spring, you might recall filling out the 2014 UCSF Commute Survey.  We are happy to report that the data has been compiled and the results are in.  For 2014, the survey was split into two groups (Campus staff and students and the medical center). We had an excellent response to the survey, with over 5,000 faculty, staff, and students responding.  “I am excited to see that its appears we are on the right course with our alternative transit options, and according to the survey, UCSF has not seen an increase in single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) in 2014,” explained Kevin Cox, Director, UCSF Transportation Services. 

Survey SaysThe data shows over the past year UCSF has:

• Increased multi-occupant vehicles (carpools) by 1%;
• Experienced a 2% decrease in those walking/biking and a 2% decrease in those using the campus shuttle; 
• Saw a 2% increase in transit bus; and
• Saw an increase of 1% in telecommuters.

The 2014 survey included a question on how UCSF’s green efforts have influenced faculty, staff, and students to change their behavior.  The results showws that since last year, there has been an increase of over five percent in faculty and staff working from home as well as over five percent increase in those conserving water. 

Some facts of interest include:

• 69% of medical center respondents and 66% of campus respondents say they are recycling and composting more (the top activity);
• 50% of medical center respondents are eating more sustainable food, while only 38% of the campus respondents are eating more sustainably.  This discrepancy is possibly due to the medical center’s success in offering and promoting sustainable food;
• 20% of campus respondents are telecommuting, while 16% of medical center respondents are; and
• Only 35% of medical center and 28% of campus respondents say they have reduced the use of toxic chemicals, pointing out an area for improvement.

Written by:  Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact:  Bringing Sustainability Alive (Communications & Employee Engagement)