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Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, March 2015

UCSF Green Challenge

PosterThe Office of Sustainability is pleased to announce on behalf of Chancellor Sam Hawgood and the UCSF Academic Senate Committee on Sustainability the UCSF Green Challenge, a competition open to faculty, students, staff, and trainees to make UCSF a leader in innovation for sustainability in health care, research, and education. 

“The UCSF Green Challenge is a great way to engage the UCSF community to come up with ideas that will save us money and reduce our emissions.  With the level of intellect at UCSF, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of great ideas,” commented John Plotts, Senior Vice Chancellor.  The UCSF Green Challenge will identify and support the implementation of new, impactful, and quantifiable ideas that reduce waste, carbon pollution, production of toxic substances, and/or that improve efficient use of energy, water, and resources at UCSF.

Detailed instructions can be found HERE. Applications must be submitted no later than April 6, 2015.

A panel will review all submissions and select one to receive $5,000. In addition, up to $25,000 will be made available for its implementation, demonstration, or proof of concept. The selection will be announced at the annual Sustainability Award Ceremony on June 22, 2015.

The UCSF Green Challenge is a great way to participate with other members of our community and to generate potential solutions that will not only reduce our emissions, overall waste, carbon pollution, production of toxic substances, it also will improve our efficient use of energy, water, and university funds.

Your idea can make a real impact and win a $5,000 prize!  Up to $25,000 is available for implementation, demonstration, or proof of concept.

Applications are due on April 6, 2015 and announcement of winners will be at the annual Sustainability Award Ceremony on June 22, 2015.  Detailed instructions, including application process, competition timeline, review criteria, and award information are outlined below.  The UCSF Green Challenge is sponsored by the UCSF Academic Senate Committee on Sustainability and the UCSF Office of Sustainability and supported with funds provided by the Office of Chancellor. The competition is open to members of the UCSF community including students, staff, faculty, postdocs, and residents.  Individual and group submissions will be accepted.

Application Process

The application process will be held in two rounds.  The deadline to submit the Round 1 application is April 6, 2015.  A review committee will evaluate Round 1 applications.  Three finalists will be announced on April 20, 2015. In Round 2, three finalists will be selected and invited to submit an implementation plan or test of concept project.  The deadline to submit the Round 2 application is May 18, 2015.  A review committee will evaluate Round 2 applications.  One submission will be selected for the award.  All three finalists, including the winner, will be notified of the results of the competition on June 1, 2015.

Applications will be reviewed and scored by a group comprised of members of the Academic Senate Sustainability Committee and sustainability from the UCSF community.

Review Criteria

Screening:  Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria.  A total of 50 points are possible:

Innovation of Idea (20 points)
Not currently in use or planned at UCSF
Unique approach
Potential to change thinking
Clearly feasible

Impact of Environment (15 points)
Carbon Reduction
Saves energy
Reduces transport or travel emissions
New approach would augment UCSF response to UC-wide sustainability goals

Waste Reduction
Reduces UCSF waste production
Reduces toxicity of waste
Produces new secondary use of waste, novel method of re-use

Water Use
Reduces water use
Reduces water wastage
Can measure environmental impact
Can quantify monetary savings

Impact on Health Care (15 points)
Reduces env. footprint of health care, health sciences education, health sciences research
Reduces the impact of health care on health
Improves community and environmental health
Educates students and faculty on impact of environment, climate change on health

Round 1 Application Instructions

Step 1: Go to sustainability.ucsf.edu to ensure your idea is not currently in use or planned.  Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you have questions.
IdeasStep 2: Go to brightideas.ucsf.edu to post your idea.
Step 3: Under the Ideas by Community box on the left side of the webpage, click on the Sustainability link.
Step 4: Select the button titled Post Your Ideas. This step may require MyAccess login credentials.

Step 5: Complete the Post Idea to – Sustainability

• In the Give your idea a title field put “UCSF Green Challenge – Last Name(s) of Applicant(s)”
• In the Describe your idea in detail box provide the following information.
  ➢ The name of your idea:
  ➢ Name and UCSF title of applicant(s):
  ➢ Name and email address of application contact person:
  ➢ Description of your idea, no more than one paragraph:
  ➢ How your idea is new (e.g., not currently practiced or planned, unique, potential to change practices or thinking, etc.)
  ➢ Environmental impact of your idea:
• Does your idea reduce carbon pollution? And if so, how?
• Does your idea reduce UCSF waste or provide a new secondary use for UCSF waste? And if so, how?
• Does your idea reduce UCSF water use or wastage?  And if so, how?
• Does your idea improve the environmental impact of health care, teaching or research?  And if so, how?
• In the Choose up to 3 categories section check the box titled UCSF Green Challenge.
• Hit the Submit button.

Round 2 Application Instructions

Three finalists will be invited to submit a Round 2 application. Finalists will submit either an implementation plan for the idea to be piloted or a test of concept project for the idea to be further evaluated.

Each finalist will be matched with a partner from the UCSF community who can help the finalist develop the idea. Each finalist will need to identify which UCSF unit should be a partner in this process (e.g., if the idea is to reduce energy usage of hospital food services, then a partner could be leaders within food services; if the idea is to devise more efficient shuttle schedules, they a partner could be a leader within transportation services).
Once each finalist has been matched with a partner, they will complete a short plan that will help us determine if the idea can be piloted or tested using the available resources.  The pilot testing should require no more than $25,000 and no more than approximately four months to complete.

The short plan must include the following information.

➢ Idea name:
➢ Idea finalist name(s):
➢ UCSF partner:
➢ Briefly state how the idea could be pilot tested, or how its feasibility could be determined:
➢ Identify who would be needed to complete this testing including UCSF titles and the number of people involved:
➢ Describe how you would determine required staff time to implement the idea:
➢ Describe the plan to gather information to estimate the cost and possible cost savings of the idea if implemented at UCSF:
➢ Describe the plan to gather information to estimate the environmental impact of your idea if implemented at UCSF (e.g., water use, energy use, waste reduction, carbon reduction, toxic reduction, etc.):

a. April 6, 2015:  Round 1 idea page applications due
b. April 20, 2015:  Top three applicants invited to Submit Round 2 application
c. May 18, 2105:  Round 2 submissions due
d. June 1, 2015:  Round 2 winner announced
e.  June 22, 2015: UCSF Sustainability Award Ceremony - Presentation of Award