UCSF Sustainability Stories

Robert Hood, June 2015

2015 LivingGreen Fair Features Green Labs, Biotech Partners

EppendorfThis year’s LivingGreen Fair drew large crowds to the Rutter Center on May 14 as more than 90 vendors offered new and inspiring ideas promoting water conservation, zero waste choices, sustainable food, green products, ways to reduce daily toxins and much more.

Gail Lee, UCSF Sustainability Manager, said that having the fair at Mission Bay this year provided us a terrific opportunity to focus not only on green living and our sustainability programs, but also on green laboratories.  “We wanted to reach beyond UCSF boundaries to bring in neighboring biotech companies and share our green practices.”

The fair’s move from Parnassus to Mission Bay for the first time was met with enthusiastic responses from both vendors and attendees as the event had more room. “We reached more than 1,500 people this year,” Gail said. “That’s a 40 percent increase over last year.”

Allison“This has been a great event for us,” said Allison Paradise, Executive Director of My Green Lab. My Green Lab was formed by a group of former scientists and engineers who care about the environment and seek to bring green technology and practices to science labs. “We have an excellent relationship with the university, and the LivingGreen Fair gives us an opportunity to reach scientists on campus and expand our message to local companies.”

Gail said UCSF and My Green Lab share information to help the university save energy and water. “They are a big supporter of UCSF.”

FoodUniversity employees were treated to a free lunch and a collection of yummy sustainable snacks. Valerie Popelka introduced people to Kuli Kuli, a product made from Moringa, a leafy green super food that is more nutritious than Kale. “Our Moringa bars have more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal and keep you fuller longer, but have less than 200 calories and are equivalent to a serving of vegetables.”

Gail shared that introducing attendees to UCSF’s sustainability workgroups and goals, along with sharing new eco-friendly products and services is the primary objective of the LivingGreen Fair. “Our goal is to provide information to our community to help them live a more sustainable life at home and at work.”