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Discount Solar For Your Home:  SunShares

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UCSF has teamed up again with some of the largest employers in the Bay Area and local nonprofits to launch a group solar purchasing (bulk-buy) program to help make residential solar simple and affordable for our employees, retirees and alumni.  This is 15% discount off the regular retail price!  Program ends October 31, 2015

If you’ve ever thought about installing solar but don’t know where to start or think it’s just too expensive, SunShares is here to help! A free webinar has been scheduled for Wed, October 14 from 120-1pm. Register here!

Sponsored by the Business Council on Climate Change, which UCSF is a member of, SunShares pools the power of individual participants to get more competitive pricing from solar companies – with an additional incentive that provides even better savings as more people contract for solar on their homes.

Research shows that people who know somebody with solar, make the choice to go solar themselves three times quicker. So, by bringing homeowners together through an outreach effort that engages employees in spreading the word (to your friends & neighbors too), you can help build a huge solar community – faster.
It’s that simple.

There has never been a more affordable time to see if solar could be a good fit for your home. I’d like to encourage you to find out more about SunShares by visiting this link:

Next Steps:

1. Inquire!  UCSF wants to help our workforce and alumni understand the basics of solar and if plugging into the sun could be a good fit for your home. Sign up for this limited time opportunity to receive a no cost proposal. 

2. Schedule. The program has screened and pre-selected a highly qualified and experienced solar installer(s). The SunShares team will work with you to schedule your home solar evaluation. Once you receive a proposal, there is no obligation to move forward with your project.

3. Install. If you decide to move forward with solar installation, sign your contract by November 6, 2015 to take advantage of the discounted program pricing. A range of financing options including power purchase agreements, direct ownership and PACE are available.

See their SunShares_BC3-_Flyer-UCSF.pdf”>flyer for more information.

Below is the Oct 1 update on the great interest in this program:
Solar Update:
To date there are 133 signed contracts (and counting) with installations throughout the greater Bay Area, Central Valley, Central Coast and Sacramento totaling 695.6 kilowatts (your more than halfway to a megawatt!).

Electric Vehicles:
In addition to the incredible residential solar uptake, the EV dealer has seen such an overwhelming response that they’ve extended the discount on the Nissan Leaf through the end of October!

This list includes participant registrants and number of contracts signed as of Oct 1.
• Arup: 7 (0)
• Autodesk: 68 (3)
• Blue Shield of CA: 114 (1)
• CCSF: 29 (0)
• Genentech: 145 (13)
• Google: 95 (1)
• Other (friends/neighbors): 81 (28)
• PG&E: 767 (78)
• Salesforce: 29 (4)
• Stanford Court Hotel: 0
• UCSF: 21 (0)
• United Airlines: 7 (0)
• VMware: 60 (1)
• Webcor: 26 (0)
• Workday: 61 (2)