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Spotlight on Sustainability:  UCSF Green Champion Maric Munn

Maric MunnWhether as a professional or as an individual, Maric Munn, Director of Facilities Management, is exemplary in her commitment to environmental sustainability.  For these reasons, at the LivingGreen Fair last month, Munn received one of the four Annual Sustainability Awards.

Munn was recognized for her exceptional leadership in engaging her colleagues in on-going dialogues on enhancing environmental sustainability and for her success in advancing environmental sustainability through the programs and services she oversees. 

Well before she came to UCSF, Munn was already deeply engaged in efforts to create dialogues on environmental sustainability.  She was a key manager at UCOP who collaborated with campuses to develop system-wide policies to affect change. In 2004, it was set of policies and goals first for clean energy and in 2006 for climate change. Both were approved by the Regents and set UC on a course for achieving ambitious environmental sustainability goals.

Munn came to UCSF in the spring of 2007 as Director of Facilities Management.  Immediately, she took upon herself to work with multiple campus groups, particularly the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) that had been formed the year before to engage campus departments in sustainability efforts.

With the departure of her supervisor in 2008, the SSC efforts faltered and stalled.  Without any prompting, Munn stepped up to chair the Steering Committee to continue the work. To widen participation, she partnered with Dan Henroid of the medical center to co-chair the committee.  Around the same time, the CACS was appointed to serve as a coordinating body on sustainability efforts and recommend changes to increase sustainability at UCSF.  Munn then strategically aligned the goals of the SSC with CACS, and worked to provide direction and framework to the work groups. As the Director of Facilities Management, Munn led her staff to develop and implement initiatives that would help UCSF achieve its sustainability goals. 

Below are just a few examples of her successes:

• Implemented energy efficiency projects that brought in over a million dollars in PG&E rebates and annual savings of $2-3 million in energy costs.
• Received recognition for the first Bay Area LEED-EB certified laboratory building, Rock Hal, last year.
• Steady progress of 42% to 56% diversion to achieve UC Regents recycling goals through investment in equipment as well as education and outreach. 
• Partnered with Green Campus Program to enlist UCSF graduate students to participate in energy efficiency and water conservation projects and developed expertise within her staff in energy efficient operations with resulting cost avoidance of more than $800,000.

Munn‘s commitment to sustainability is also evident in her personal lifestyle such as traveling via shuttles, car sharing and even investing in solar panels for her residence.

Photo by Susan Merrell
Story by Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact