Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, June 2014

Mission Bay Conference Center’s Recognized as a Green Leader

AwardThe Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF (MBCC) has taken on UCSF’s Sustainability goals in several different areas.  Congratulations to the Mission Bay Conference Center team for receiving the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) Northern California Chapter Sustainable Event of the Year (under 1,000) award.  The Sustainable Event (under 1000 people) showcases the best greening and sustainable practices with measurable results.

The MBCC team also was recently awarded UCSF’s 2014 Sustainability Award in the team category.  Kudos to MBCC for reflecting UCSF’s commitment to sustainable practices.

LivingGreen Meeting Certification and Food Management Program

MBCC strives to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment by incorporating a range of sustainability best practices, including:

*  Providing reusable dishware and flatware;
*  Reducing waste by providing recycling and composting;
*  Providing sustainable food choices, using local and organic ingredients, sustainable seafood and vegetarian options;
*  Providing water stations instead of bottled water; and
*  Serving fair trade coffee.

MBCC invites all UCSF meetings and corporate events held at the conference center to actively participate in the LivingGreen Meeting Certification Program.  To date, 62 UCSF meetings and 47 corporate meetings have been evaluated.  “The benefit of this is twofold, it not only signals that this is an important value to the event hosts, but also helps to educate the attendees,” explains Gail Lee, UCSF Sustainability Manager.  In addition, it shows that the event host’s values are consistent with the University’s values. 

In addition, MBCC has implemented a New Food Management Program that evaluates use, production and waste in on online Food Management program.  The team created enterprise-wide standards centered around 5 P’s: Plan, Product, Production, Portion, and Post Analysis, and designed a process to ensure the standards are followed.

This program delivers a range of benefits, including:

*  Ensures adherence to recipes, thus creating a higher quality product with less waste;
*  Simplifies and standardizes processes to ensure safety, quality and consistency while reducing waste;
*  Measures and tracks performance for continuous improvement;
*  Engages employees through training and accountability; and
*  Standardizes the way MBCC does business.

Both of these programs have created an atmosphere where employees and guests are aware that the MBCC at UCSF practices sustainability and is a true partner in UCSF’s vision of a future with zero waste.