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Elizabeth Lin

Cool Campus Challenge Begins April 4

The 2022 University Of California Cool Campus Challenge begins April 4 and the UC San Francisco Office of Sustainability is looking for students, faculty and staff who are up to the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint.

The Cool Campus Challenge is a friendly UCSF-held, 8-week challenge, designed to educate and motivate the UCSF community to take simple energy-saving, waste reducing and sustainability-focused actions. UCSF will be releasing a variety of unique events like a Q&A with special guests that helped in making the movie, Don’t Look Up.

“There are some great prizes this year including six solar charging backpacks for the highest performing individuals, 20 FastPay gift cards for the highest performing teams, tickets to the Exploratorium or California Academy of Science museum, and the grand prize of one electric bike for the top individual,” said UCSF Sustainability Director Gail Lee.

The challenge starts April 4 and the first event will be held April 15. Staff, faculty and students can start signing up April 1st by going to the Cool Campus Challenge website. You can choose to participate as individuals or as teams. Each week of the challenge will highlight suggested actions that participants can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase education and mindfulness about climate disruption. Actions earn you and UCSF points. You can also share your efforts on social media using #CoolCampusChallenge.

“The goal of the challenge is to rally support to meet the University of California Carbon Neutrality Initiative 2025 goal and educate the campus communities,” Lee said. “Human behavior is primarily responsible for affecting climate change and this challenge brings increased awareness. It encourages energy-saving actions and creates a culture of sustainability.”