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Sustainability Award Winners

The 2019 Sustainability Award winners with the Chancellor. From left to right: Claire Skach, Jerry Liu, JoAnn Lopez, Katherine Gundling, Laria Pippen, Naomi Beyeler, and Chancellor Sam Hawgood.  Photo credit: Marco Sanchez

As a thank you, we’d like to commemorate all our past Sustainability Award Winners. Please check out the categories down below and explore the links to read more on each winner!

Team Category

Student Category

Staff Category

Campus Staff
  • 2020 - Danny De Leon, Housing Facilities Project Manager
  • 2019 - JoAnn Lopez, Student Life Coordinator
  • 2018 - Sean McClelland, Lead Learning Tech Specialist and Gabe Sandoval, Business System Analyst
  • 2017 -  Liana Crosby, Dean’s Executive Assistant, UCSF School of Pharmacy and Sylvia DeCourcey, Manager of Space, UCSF Orthopedic Surgery Department
  • 2016 - Dr. Hyunil Jo, Specialist, UCSF School of Pharmacy
  • 2015 - Todd McGregory, Assistant Director of Housing Administration for Campus Life Services
  • 2014 - Kim Klausner, UCSF Industry Documents Digital Library Manager
  • 2013 - Adele Dow, Facility Manager at Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Building and Mount Zion Cancer Research Building
  • 2012 - Kristen Fitzhenry, Undergraduate Medical Education, School of Medicine Dean’s Office
  • 2011 - Maric Munn, Director of Facilities Management
Medical Center Staff

Faculty Category

  • 2020 - Dr. Sheri Weiser, Professor of Medicine and internist at UC San Francisco’s Division of HIV, Infectious Disease and Global Medicine at ZSFGH
  • 2019 - Katherine Gundling, MD, Professor Emeritus of Allergy and Immunology
  • 2018 - Katherine Gruenberg, PharmD
  • 2017- Dr. Seema Gandhi, MD, UCSF Associate Professor in Anesthesia
  • 2016 - Arianne Teherani, PhD Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine
  • 2015 - Dr. Gina Solomon, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Specialist
  • 2014 - Dan Ciccarone, MD, MPH, Professor in Family and Community Medicine
  • 2013 - Tracey Woodruff, Associate Professor and Director of UCSF’s Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment
  • 2012 - Sandrijn Van Schaik, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
  • 2011 - Tom Newman, MD, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology