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Safe Medication Disposal

UCSF Provides Safe Medication Disposal Options for our Patients, Staff, and Students

safe med disposal
Did you know that flushing unused medications in the toilet sends those medications directly to the ocean or bay?  Modern waste water treatment plants are not designed to remove medications from the waste water.  Flushed antibiotics can kill the good bacteria needed for waste water treatment plants to work properly.  To avoid the build up of these pharmaceuticals in our bay or ocean habitats, please use the below preferred safe medication disposal options by Campus Location.
Mission Bay
Parnassus Heights
Mt. Zion
All SF Campuses

In 2018, the Parnassus Walgreens installed a convenient medication disposal box for our patients and staff.  See above image.

Medication Disposal FAQ

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For more information on proper disposal, visit the SF Environment website.

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