Green Building

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Promote sustainable strategies in new construction of UCSF facilities to reduce the impact on the environment.

UC Policy

  • All new buildings, other than acute care facilities, built to outperform Title 24 by at least 20 percent. Strive for 30 percent.
  • All new buildings to be LEED-NC “Silver“ rating at minimum but strive for “Gold” rating or higher.
  • All laboratories to be LEED-NC “Silver” or better and meeting Lab’s 21 criteria.
  • All new buildings will achieve at least two LEED-NC’s water efficiency credits.
  • All renovation projects over $5 million to be LEED-CI certified.
  • Recent Accomplishments

  • Committed to building all new campus construction to at least the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Silver standard.
  • The new UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center, currently in design phase, is expected to be a LEED Gold facility.v

  • Two projects have recently received LEED-CI Certification:  UCSF Data Center (Silver) and 654 Minnesota Street Renovation (Certification).
  • Tracked construction waste diversion for nine Capital Projects.
  • Began development of Sustainable Standards for campus, the medical center and real estate services.
  • While under construction, the new Smith Cardiovascular Research Building team increased the LEED project points from Silver to a Gold rating target by implementing additional sustainability measures, including construction of a green roof.
  • FY 2010-2011 Goals

  • Capital Programs will renovate two buildings and obtain LEED-CI Certification and build one new building that receives LEED-NC certification.
  • Complete a draft of the sustainable guidelines for renovation and new construction.
  • Real Estate Services will have one tenant improvement and one new building LEED Silver certified.v


  • Number of LEED-CI certifications
  • Number of LEED-NC certifications
  • Gross Square Feet (gsf) of LEED-NC and gsf LEED-CI
  • Percentage of total gsf LEED certified
  • Challenges

  • Implementing LEED standards across three separate campuses (MZ/MB/Parn), specialized construction types (education/laboratory/health care) and departments (Capital Projects/Medical Center Design & Construction/Real Estate).
  • Securing additional funding for potential sustainable capital costs.
  • Meeting the minimum standards set by the Regent’s Policy in times of ever decreasing budgets.
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