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Climate Action Plans

CAP 2017
In March 2007, the Regents of the University of California delegated authority to the President to adopt the Policy on Sustainable Practices that committed UC to implementing actions intended to minimize the University’s impact on the environment and reduce the University’s dependence on non-renewable energy. Within the Policy on Sustainable Practices, a climate protection section was developed that set three climate change goals for each of the ten UC campuses.

The purpose of the Climate Action Plans is multi-fold: 

• To illustrate the strategic and financial commitments that UCSF will make to minimize its environmental impact and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions;
• To satisfy the commitment to prepare such a plan, as a member of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments (formerly known as the ACUPCC); and
• To report greenhouse gas emissions data to various regulatory agencies, both on a required and voluntary basis.

This report will be updated periodically.  With its unique urban setting and its role as the 2nd largest employer in San Francisco, UCSF is poised to be a leader and example in taking a responsible and proactive stance that demonstrates stewardship towards our surrounding community and the planet we must all share. 

Below are the published UCSF Climate Action Plans:

Climate Action Plan December 2009
GHG Reduction Strategy for LRDP, January 2014
Climate Action Plan, April 2017
Climate Action Plan Oct 2018